Our Products

PT Pelangi Elasindo is one of the leading shoelace manufacturing in Indonesia. We are able to meet customer’s high customization needs with the ability to produce high quality customized and special products.

Equipped with modern technology machine and supported by research and development facility, PT Pelangi Elasindo has integrated experience and skill to create variety of shoelaces. All production is done in-house in order to maintain time efficiency, competitive price and precise quality control.

Shoelace Accessories
Water Repellent Lace

Ideal for a great casual outdoor activities and any weather conditions, our water resistant laces are made to perform. Splash through puddles, wade through shallow river or casual stroll on the beach, it is both functional and stylish.

High Abrasion Laces

Able to withstand the harshest environments, it is made to last and stand the test of time. Our product can be found in the strongest boots, trail shoes and high performance sportswear.

Polished Waxed Laces

Made of premium materials and waxed to increase durability and water resistance, they come in a range of colours. The laces thickness gives them strength as well as a solid, rustic appearance for smart and elegant look.

Stone-washed Laces

Their lovingly worn, delicate vintage look and fluorescent color set them apart. Casual but detailed, they get increasingly popular especially with the trend-setting youth and modern, educated modern residents.

Waxed Water Repellent Laces

Customer may customize their favorite from our wide selection of color and even add their own customized texts, pattern, or logo to the lace tip.

Glow-in-the-dark laces

Enhanced with special substance to radiate a bright glow in the dark, these fluorescent laces have been constructed from premium materials to light you up and lets you flash around in any night activity or event.

Garment Accessories
Elastic Tape

Elastic as garment accessories, are widely used in garment cuffs, hem, bra, garter, waistband, waist, shoes, mouth, and sports and health of body stretch bar and so on.

Particularly suitable for underwear, pants, baby clothes, sweaters, sportswear, aerobics clothing, wedding dresses, T-shirts, hats, bras, masks and other clothing products.

Our Elastics Tapes :
  Knitted elastic tapes
  Woven elastic tapes
  Jacquard elastic tapes

Our Elastic Tapes are available with sizes range from 4mm to 65mm and any thickness that can be matched according to customer specifications and also supplied in any color on dyed to match basis.

Hook and Loop Fastener

Hook and loop fastener also known as magic tape / velcro after a company produced them. Because its ease of use, it have been used for a wide variety of general or outdoor applications.

It is especially popular in clothing where it replaces buttons or zippers, and as a shoe fastener for children who have not yet learned to tie shoelaces.

Our product has an easy peel with strong shear strength with size range from 20mm to 100mm.

Draw cords

We manufacture and export the best quality of draw cords in variety designs that could be developed according to customer specifications. We believe in consumer satisfaction and deliver the best.

These cords are used to manufacture products like shoelaces, jacket, strings, bags etc.

Our draw cords :
  Draw cord braided
  Draw cord knitted
  Draw cord woven
  Draw cord elastic

We produce light and strong draw cords in Cotton, PP, Polyester, Nylon, Spun and Cordura. Our draw cords are available in variety colors and designs with sizes range of 2mm to 12mm.


Our webbings are soft and suitable for garments, sportswear and underwear. We use eco-friendly dyes without heavy metals.

Available in cotton, polyester & spun polyester material and can be dyed to match as customer requirement in variety colors.

Our webbings :
  Jacquard webbing
  Woven webbing/Normal webbing
  Knitted webbing
  Braided webbing

Our webbing can be developed in any design and supplied in different widths from 4mm to 65mm, with thickness range that can be matched according to customer specifications.


Our eyelets come in a variety of size, shape and colour. We pride ourselves on being able to produce eyelets to customer’s own specifications. As they are produced in-house without any outsourcing, we are able to keep the cost of our eyelets low without compromising quality.

Molded Pulp

Our molded pulp has no chemical addition; using only pure water in the process. All materials came from 100% used carton box. We supply these recycled products for electronic, shoe and food industries.